Thursday, 1 May 2014

Gō (2011)

I decided to give a try to this taiga drama because I guessed that I could use it for my upcoming project, since I'm having troubles with contextualizing the female characters of the story, and this tv series claims to "describe history through the eyes of a woman"... Obviously I was wrong XD
But since I liked the actor playing Nobunaga here, I decided to review the interesting bits of it!

Nobunaga is played here by Toyokawa Etsushi and he entertains us for the first five episodes of the TV series.
I don't usually like Japanese men, but he is the exact kind that I fancy. *cough*
Despite how well Nobunaga's features fit Toyokawa-sama, I must admit that I didn't find his portrayal completely satisfying. In my opinion this Nobunaga was too "proper", a bit too "serious".
Sure none expect a clown out of the Demon King, but this rendition didn't give the "unexpectedness" that makes of Nobunaga such an unique character-- The director liked better the idea of a "lonely" Nobunaga, and preferred to hide behind Toyokawa-sama's frigidity the real nature of this man.

The drama is entertaining, but it must be said that for what concerns the historical accuracy and plausibility it is extremely poor.
When one says "history through the eyes of a woman" it shouldn't mean LITERALLY! Gō, the niece of Nobunaga who's the protagonist of this drama (whose actual merit was only being married to a Tokugawa shogun, in reality) practically gets to know EVERYONE and EVERYTHING concerning the events taken into consideration-- When there's no way that a kid her age could have done what she did in that drama, expecially THE WAY she did (Ueno Juri is a very nice and expressive actress, but all of that "flailing" made her look like some kind of parody of the Sengoku lady instead of a genuine portrait of it)-- Her presence was so out of place that when it reached its climax, her "mystical apparition" to Nobunaga who was about to die at Honnoji, I couldn't help but laughing:
Someone really "jumped the shark" here.

All in all, though, even if completely out of a historical context, I found the relationship between Gō and Nobunaga quite cute in this rendition.
The way the girl developed some kind of crush on his uncle made me remember that I have a heart of a maiden too, after all, and every now and then I couldn't help blushing like a little girl...

Besides my shameless fangirling over the oyaji type, I found it nice how the drama tried to explain some of the most obscure actions of Nobunaga, in an actual decent, rational way. --Also if, sure, the use of Gō to let out such "confessions" out of Nobunaga & Co. sure was quite naive and bothering.
The "obscure actions" taken into consideration here that made an impression on me, were those of the "golden skulls" of Nagamasa, his father Hisamasa and Asakura Yoshikage and the "Tsukiyama's Incident".

In the first case, Nobunaga explained that he just wanted to honor his enemies by goldening their skulls and ritually drinking sake with them to celebrate the new year.
He explained that the deal with the "skull cups" was just a rumor spread by his enemies.
I could buy that Nobunaga wanted to cherish the memory of Nagamasa, since it's reported that he held the man in high consideration, but what about Hisamasa and Yoshikage..? I don't think that Nobunaga admired them-- So I think that the goldening was just to celebrate his victory in a very morbid way.
Whatever affection Nobunaga may have had for Nagamasa, I'm sure it disappeared when his brother-in-law joined the Asakura forces.

The "Tsukiyama's Incident" refers to what brought Ieyasu to order the death of his wife Tsukiyama and his heir Nobuyasu after Nobunaga's daughter, Toku, reported of their secret conspiracy with the Takeda clan.
Sure Nobunaga's request was absurd, but the fact that Ieyasu obeyed looked even more absurd.
Nobunaga explained to Gō that he wasn't suspicious of those two, but that somehow he happened to find himself testing Ieyasu's loyalty: if he refused to obey, he would have respected him, but since he obeyed him, he swore to Ieyasu absolute loyalty in return.

At a certain point, I had to deal with my historical pet peeve:
Nobunaga's self-deification!
He confessed to Gō that if there was the need of a god, that place belonged to him only, and that he was going to use Sokenji (his family temple built in Azuchi) as the center if his cult.

Obviously Gō hated the idea, and scolded her uncle harshly!
She decided that she didn't like him anymore and stopped paying him visits.
This made Nobunaga sulk, and once his sister Ichi would come to visit him, the deification's project would disappear to make room for the altruistic plans of Nobunaga to bring a long-lasting peace to the country.
Ooh, at least this made Ichi fall in love with her brother all over again.

I agree with the idea of Nobunaga fighting to grant a peaceful existence to his contemporaries, but I'm sure that they could find a thousand better ways to explain it than the one in the TV series... It was nice to witness Nobunaga's soft side, though, the one that hid love and respect for everyone behind his rude acting.

Speaking of rude acting, he sure had the time of his life punching Mitsuhide around!
When Nobunaga confessed to Ranmaru (woah, for once it wasn't Gō!) that he treated Mitsuhide harshly so to let him understand his petty limits and that he actually respected the man, I couldn't help but nod in approvation, but when Nobunaga added that he was planning to leave the control of the Tenka's matter to Mitsuhide I felt like throwing up. Mitsuhide what?! Of course Nobunaga's heir was obviously his son Nobutada!

Even the scene of Honnoji wasn't such great.
I enjoyed the extremely dramatic and emotional moment, but the "action factor" was pretty much lacking.
I couldn't forgive the director (or the writer, whoever came up with such a thing) that Gō managed to pop-up randomly even there! That was-- SO STUPID!!

Long story short, I liked this rendition of Nobunaga, but just because of how well Toyokawa-sama fitted the visual image that I have of him:
I easily dropped this drama after six episodes, with no traces of regret.


  1. AHAHAH, your reaction is the same as me. I'm still continuing because I actually want to hear a bit more about the Hideyoshi's revenge on Akechi and Nobunaga's two sons fighting for clan leadership, buuuut I'm on the verge of giving up too because this drama is kind of weird in a lot of places.

    Goodness, Nobunaga in that full Portuguese clothes made me laugh so hard. I also didn't like the fact that he actually spoke Portuguese to the padres. I really don't think he likes them enough to actually go learn the language. That just makes no sense >:(

    1. Yeah, that first part is pretty weird (I just assumed that they wanted to ride the success of Nodame Cantabile with Ueno Juri making her act like a random teen!), but a friend told me that later it gets better (I'm not going to watch it anyway XD)...

      From the spoilers that I got from random blogs, it looks like this story accepts the idea of Hideyoshi as a crazy bastard D: --I'm not very keen on the interpretation.

      Ahah, I liked him in Portuguese clothes XDD Look at Toyokawa's nice wastline-- Mhhhh *_* ♥

      And I agree on the Portuguese part!!!
      I do think that Nobu learned a word or two because it was exotic and cool, but from all the datas that I acquired it was always the missionaries talking Japanese! They had a few interpreters too, though.
      I guess that the authors of the drama wanted to picture Nobu as a super-extra smart guy who could learn another language in a few years... LOL.

    2. If I read the spoilers correctly, initially Hideyoshi was pretty normal, but he later went insane because his birth son died. I hope that's true, because I really REALLY hate evil-Hideyoshi interpretations D:<

      I also want to see what happens when Hideyoshi makes Chacha his concubine. That should be interesting. And probably funny too, because I'm sure Gou would punch him in the face for it XD

      I prefer Nobu in the other European clothes. The one that looks like a plain white shirt. For some reason that makes me fangirl so bad, mmmhhh~ (ღ°◡°ღ) ♡♡♡ So sexy~

      Yes, obviously Nobu is showing off his language skills in front of Gou, LOL.

  2. From the posts I read it looked like Hideyoshi just wanted to bully Oichi and her daughters because they were related to Nobunaga :/
    I'd be interested to see the deal with Sanposhi/Hidenobu, though!

    Speaking of Chacha, I really like how the deal was depicted in Hyouge Mono XD Did you see that?
    When I think of a niece who looked like her uncle, the first that comes to my mind is Chacha, not Go XD

    Oh, I see! The one that makes him look like some kind of pirate, mh *_* ..?

  3. I hope that's not it. The spoilers I read said Hideyoshi was trying to be nice to them, but it just seemed really creepy because he was the one who caused their parents to die.

    Heugemono? I followed the manga, but then it stopped updating :( I don't really like streaming anime >.< Takes too long.

    Hahaha, yes, I heard that Chacha is a very strong and brave woman. Then again, I don't know much about Gou. I still think this drama is making up too much nonsense D:

    Pirate? Really? For whatever reason seeing Nobu wear that makes me fangirl so bad. In all the various depictions I've seen.

    1. Well, I guess that you'll see it at a certain point ;3
      The idea of Hideyoshi being a psycho or a villain is pretty popular too :/ I was about to watch "Goemon", and there Hideyoshi is the crazy antagonist too :/

      Yeah, Hyouge Mono, I followed the manga too, but since it wasn't updated at all I decided to watch the anime! It's pretty cool *_* There is some bullshit there too (but again, what can we say is true and what is not XD), but at least it's plausible!
      BTW, when you talked about the white shirt this is the image that came to my mind:
      x'D He does look like a pirate!
      Show me the pictures that you were referring too *_* !!

      Well, yeah, Chacha was pretty badass °_°; ! The way she fought for the rights of her son was pretty shocking..!

      Speaking of dramas, right now I'm following "Gunshi Kanbee" :D
      It's about Kuroda Kanbei, a strategist working under Hideyoshi. It's pretty cool! --Nobunaga is QUITE MANLY x'DD I'm planning to write about it too :3
      (and I must come with some disclaimer saying that the "pop culture" reviews are focused on Nobunaga more than on the whole series ^_^; ...)

  4. AUGH, THE PORTRAYAL OF HIDEYOSHI IN GOEMON WAS NASTY!!!!!!! I hated it so much. But Nobu was very pretty. And the visuals were interesting, even though it's a bit weird >.<

    At least nobody made stories where Hideyoshi went crazy because he was in love with Nobu yet ╰(ಠДಠ)╯ I accidentally saw weird pictures of that online and it gave me nightmares. I DO NOT UNDERSTAND THE LOGIC!!!! ლ(ಥ益ಥლ)

    I watched 5 episodes of the Heugemono anime, but I got tired XD I don't have enough patience to watch anime. I read really fast, so watching anime/drama is too slow for me >.<

    This white shirt, heheheh:
    Looks similar to the one you linked, but it has plain collar. Not that fancy lacy collar ^___^

    Who cares about the series? I watch drama series only for Nobunaga too!! Then when he's gone I'm not interested anymore XDDDD

  5. Oh, I just realized that the actor for Nobu in Gunshi Kanbei is the man who played as Goemon in the Goemon movie! Might be interesting to look at, heheheh.

    1. Here I am, yesterday evening I watched "Goemon" (I had no idea it was so long, LOL) and yeah, Eguchi (the actor who plays Nobunaga in Gunshi) is quite manly x'DDDD
      I'm in love with the clothes and the scenography/photography... Man, I had some serious visual orgasms... Too bad that it was a low definition video ;_;
      As for the story, well, it's pretty much the same as those of "Shinobi no Mono", but here Nobu is not a supervillain, and the ninja served him XD Awww... The "twin swords" Tenka & Fubu ;_; <3

      "At least nobody made stories where Hideyoshi went crazy because he was in love with Nobu yet"
      Uhm... *thinks about it*

      Must be said that Hyouge Mono is as fancy as slow XD My and my friends who are fans call it "an anime for old people" x'DDD
      --Speaking of cool mangas that stopped being scanlated, my biggest sadness concerns "Sengoku". That was insanely good.
      --Even if the author was used to go a bit WTF on it XD It was still ok!

      *looks at Nobu in a shirt* *nods nods* Pretty, indeed-- And very nice combination!

      That's why I watched Goemon x'DDD Eguchi is a cool Nobu, but he's SOOO MANLY XDDD I'm not used to this kind of Nobunaga.
      Since everyone said that he was pretty and danced female parts from No plays, I have this mental image of a lithe boy with refined facial features XD <-hopeless

  6. I know about Sengoku! I read that manga too!! :(( So sad... I first randomly found the Okehazama Gaiden one, then I looked up the author and found the Sengoku one. Too bad it stopped beign scanlated :( I bought the one that had Honnouji incident in it. I don't care I can't read Japanese. The pictures are AMAZING.

    "Uhm... *thinks about it*

    OMG Are you serious???? O____O
    I actually kind of want to know how that works myself, ahahaha. If you do make it please tell me! XD
    I'm now actually thinking that he pretends to be in love with Oichi just because he doesn't want people to know who he really loves... Dae, you're horrible. You make me think weird things now!! D:<

    Ahahah, I remember in your Azuchi museum picture it says little Nobu looks like a girl. That was a hilarious mental image, ahahahaha XD
    I remember a book says Nobu-sama has "delicate features". I laugh and laugh and laugh because it makes me imagine Nobu as a bishounen from shoujo manga with sparkles and flowers.

    1. *sniffles* I do want T^T

      Ahahahah x'DDDD Yeah, I'm pretty good at making people think about weird things x'DD
      --For example, what if Hideyoshi decided to take Cacha as his concubine because he really wanted to mix his blood with Nobu? He couldn't make a baby with the real one so--
      --Ok, I stop now XD

      ...A friend of mine translated a fun article that I found on a Japanese magazine-- It's about Hideyoshi's retainers trying to let him know the joys of shudo, "the way of the pretty boys" ->
      ...The story goes, they found a pretty boy and left him alone with Hideyoshi to see how he'd act.
      After a bit of discomfort, Hideyoshi got closer to the boy, hugged him and whispered him things-- Then he got up and left the room.
      When the others asked the boy if Hideyoshi was flirting, he replied that he just got closer to ask if he had any sister x'DDD
      So I guess that we can be assured of Hideyoshi's preferences XD

      Ahahah X'D Don't laugh, poor Nobu!
      The thing in Azuchi said that he started to act in a wild and rude manner to compensate for it, since he was so pretty everyone thought that he was weak and made fun of him T^T !

    2. Aah, I'm actually rather sad I still haven't seen Nobukatsu anywhere in that manga. There's Nobutada and Nobutaka, but I haven't seen Nobukatsu. :(( Maybe in the Kiyosu conference I will see him >.< The manga is still at the battles between Hideyoshi and other Oda troops against Akechi.

      Ahahaha, see, that's why the idea makes no sense to me. He's obviously not interested in men. (or maybe ue-sama is the one exception... OKAY I STOP NOW TOO BEFORE I ACTUALLY START MAKING WEIRD THINGS D:<)

      But Nobu as shoujo bishounen makes me laugh! XDDD Every time he shows up so pretty in dating games or weird manga I just die laughing.
      See? If they didn't do that we won't have the crazy punk Nobu, and that would be no fun!

      I remember seeing a book called "Sengoku Ikemen" and all the famous samurai and daimyo become pretty guys... and Nobu is the manliest one among them all and it makes me laugh. Okay, apparently if Nobu becomes pretty it doesn't look like him anymore X'DDD

    3. Is it? I know that the first series is over already since for ever :o
      Anyway if the author didn't show Nobukatsu yet probably he's not going to show him at all >_> It was the same with the Okehazama Gaiden! There's no Nouhime or Dosan, even if during that period he met both and married the first... The only female character is Kitsuno.

      I think that he was considered a pretty boy only when he was young, or a teen. It's common for Japaneses to be fixated on such a thing XD
      --I did read some shojo where Nobunaga made an appearance, but fortunately he was still decent XDD !

  7. Oh, it's in a different series now. I don't remember what part of history Sengoku ends in, but the one with Honnouji is "Sengoku Ittouki":

    Well, I can hope. I only saw from volume 3 onwards. Maybe he showed up in VOlume 1 and 2 and I just missed his appearance.

    Thankfully Nobu doesn't show up in shoujo too much D: Most shoujo has the female main character fall in love with Ranmaru, hahahaha.

    But I'm not sure what to think about Nobu looking like this when he's supposed to be around 30:

    It was really strange how I got the Nobu/Hideyoshi thing, though. I was looking for Oda Nobuhide. But apparently 信秀 means Nobu/Hideyoshi in some parts of the internet >.<
    I'm afraid to search for that keyword anymore D:

    1. Ah, I see, they are making it as a saga D: I thought that Sengoku ended with Honnouji, but apparently it's being "chaptered" according to the development with the protagonist's career (of course XD)...

      Maybe! He's going to be a relevant character later, so he had to show at some point of the story!

      That's true x'D I know at least two manga like that D':
      I don't know how a girl can be attracted by a feminine boy, though... I would feel very weird going out with a boy who's "prettier" than me D:

      LOL! Makes me think of Nobunaga The Fool -> (Mitsuhide and Hideyoshi on the left and right)
      Well, I can see how these interpretations may be popular :D I like them too!
      They must be taken just for what they are... The Fantasy of a Maiden!

      Ahah, yeah, that's a way to indicate a pairing in fujoshi spelling!
      When it comes to Sengoku daimyo it can be tricky x'DDD

      *yaoi intermission*
      --That's why when the son of Nobutada was named "Nobuhide" by Hideyoshi when the boy had his genpuku... He was sending a message to the masses!
      (The one written first is the "seme" of the relationship XD !)

  8. Yes, it is! XD I wonder what Sengoku Ittouki starts in, though. I mean, Honnouji happens in Volume 4. And Volume 3 is all about Akechi's flashbacks =____= And then there's a random scene of the Ming emperor talking about Nobunaga in China... because Nobu is apparently THAT famous in this manga's world O____O

    I only know one. It's Sengoku Danshi Hana no Ran. What's the other one?
    -- Wait. Actually I know two also, but the other one is in Japanese, so it doesn't count.

    Oh, I've seen Nobunaga the Fool too! XD This maiden prefers manly Nobu, though! XD

    I know that's how pairings are written in fujoshi-talk. But I just never expected that pairing to even exist at all because I cannot imagine it. Now I cannot forget it, and I'm going to see history very strangely now D': (Nobu originally want to build Osaka castle himself. So Hideyoshi made that one his main castle because...?)
    Damn you internet. You have ruined my mind forever!

    But... Sanboushi's genpuku name is Oda Hidenobu, not Nobuhide... O___O

    Aaah!!! This is so wrong!! D:

  9. I'm actually glad they make the Sengoku manga into a saga! Sengoku was the first one, so the artist's art style is still a bit awkward and the people's faces sometimes look strange :(

    In Ittouki the art looks so much better. Nobu looks so cool and badass in his last stand at Honnouji! :3

  10. I tried to got it from Wikipedia!
    Apparently Ittouki starts with the plans for invading China, and before the Honnoji incident it was about Hideyoshi invading the Chugoku (it was seen as the first step to get to China)-- That's why the Ming Emperor knows Nobunaga, probably!
    I have no problems with the saga either XD But it's discouraging knowing that even in the first 15 volumes I won't see how the Nobu story is told in its entirety... I'll never get to read this damn thing T_T; !!

    The other one that I know is "Shippo no Tsuki", but now that I refreshed my mind it wasn't about a girl falling in love with Ranmaru but viceversa-- LOL.

    Ahah, this maiden has no problem with whatever Nobu is thrown at her ♥∼

    LOL, the 信秀 is starting to take control of your brain-- It's too late to stop it now D':

    "But... Sanboushi's genpuku name is Oda Hidenobu, not Nobuhide... O___O"
    Eeeeeh, yeah, sorry, it's a typo XDDD I thought Hidenobu but wrote Nobuhide, LOL! (I wanted to imply that Hideyoshi saw himself as the seme there, LOL XD)
    ...Also the first son of Ieyasu was called "Nobuyasu"... Maybe he accepted to kill him because he was the proof that Nobunaga was the seme... Ok, ok, let's stop about this before I start drawing something weird x'DDDDD

    1. Oh, look what I just found:

      It's a BL romance game where you play as Nobu and have romance with his men! XDDDDDDD There's Toshiie, Ranmaru, Ieyasu, and Hideyoshi.

      I'm surprised Akechi is not on the list, but... I don't want my head to become even more weird, ahahahah.

      (this conversation is really off topic now O__O)

  11. But that's just plans... I don't think the Ming emperor would have known unless the Jesuits told him O__O

    Ooh, Tail of the moon! Augh, I remember I really hated that manga because it felt so dumb! >.< But at least Nobu wasn't so bad...

    Heheh, Nobuyasu. I've always wondered about his name...
    Ue-sama is such a player XDDDDD

    "Ok, ok, let's stop about this before I start drawing something weird x'DDDDD"

    Too late! Now I actually want you to draw something weird!! X'DDDDDD
    My brain is already ruined anyway.

    1. Yeeeeh, finally Nobu can smex with his favourites x'DDDDDD !!
      It's true, it's strange that Mitsuhide isn't there :'D He would have been a cool character to play with! --The "yandere" type, LOL--!

      Yeah, I think so about the China plans XD I guess that the author just wanted to show off Nobu's influence on all things Asians... Or maybe the Emperor did know something about it, from the Jesuits or whoever-- But probably he couldn't care less XD

      Same here about "Tail of the Moon" =_=/
      But I was amused by the image of Ranmaru as a very mean guy x'D

      LOL, I may draw something weird >D
      --I just have to find the mental strenght to actually DRAW something ._.;

  12. Yes, I always thought Akechi is yandere! XD It's so much fun, heheheh.

    Yeah, the emperor was shown as not really caring. Just his adviser randomly saying "By the way there's this guy..."
    And the emperor just says "Oh, okay". I dunno. It's just a random scene that don't mean much XD

    Ah yes, Ranmaru being sneaky XD I think it's also from Taiko. I remember that Akechi did something and made Ranmaru angry, so Ranmaru did a really mean revenge on Akechi XDDDD

    Mental strength? Oh is it too weird for you? XD

  13. "Mental strength? Oh is it too weird for you? XD"
    Girl.. You have no idea who are you talking to... x'D
    --It's just that it's a while that I'm not drawing anything :/ I'm so demotivated!

  14. I'm so sorry for turning this into a weird conversation D:

    1. No problem at all, I love talking about fujoshi things ;3; !! <3
      Thank you for indulging me x'D

  15. I only just now realized that each episode of Gou has a travel information on historical sites. I want to see them aaaalllll!!! >.>

    I wish Hideyoshi would stop hallucinating Nobu-sama every time Gou gets mad because that is just so weird. Why is he the only one having Nobu hallucinations?

    Dae, it's making the 信秀 thing worse for me =___= Maybe I will be the one starting to draw strange things. Ugh.

    1. I noticed them too ^o^ It's very nice 'cause they have informations about how to reach the places too!
      --Also if the infos are kinda vague... That "Walk North for ten minutes!" stuff, I mean XD

      --Replied on your blog about the 信秀 >D

    2. I know! Walk 10 minutes... which direction? XD
      Aah, it makes me want to go on a trip to all those places, but I can't imagine how expensive that would be TT_TT

    3. It's not very expensive, if you take those tiny regional trains or buses you can keep the whole thing into a decent budget!
      During my last Nobu Tour I used those and walked, and I could reach almost everything easily!
      The most expensive trip was from Nagoya to Azuchi, but it was still WAAAAAY cheaper than a trip from Nagoya to Kyoto in Shinkansen.
      --Maybe I'll write about it in my next posts! I do have a "tourism" tag, after all XD

    4. Well, if I actually go to ALL the places listed in the drama, aren't they spread out all over Japan? Then it would end up being expensive just because there are too many places :(

      Finding my way around bus routes and everything scared me. I'm a bit bad with buses and train routes >.<

    5. I didn't watch the whole thing, but everything should be in the area between Nagoya and Kyoto... Despite all the battles and such Nobunaga didn't move so much XD

      Next time you have to profit of the Tourist Informations spots! Every station has one and they give you everything, maps, infos and explanations in English ^_^/
      Buses are simple because each stop is shown once it's reached, and they are written in Romaji too! ...But this is about Kyoto, that's the only place where I needed to take a bus!

    6. Well, the drama goes on to Hideyoshi and Ieyasu stuff now, so there's a lot of other random places being shown. I want to see those places too TT__TT

      Next time I'll try that. When I go alone and not with parents.

      I'm officially tired of the drama now, though. I'll probably stop watching just so I don't get tempted to look at too many places. I only watched this far just to see how Hideyoshi's relationship with Chacha progress because the princesses hate Hide a lot... XD

      Maybe they shouldn't have spent that much time on the Nobu hallucinations because his feelings for Chacha seems so creepy and insincere up until he stops having weird Nobu illusions with Gou D:< Goodness, those were so weird and out of place.

    7. I'll make my next trip alone too, I hope to survive and reach each place safely (without taking DAYS 'cause I get lost) T^T

      Well, you can watch the drama and stop before the touristic thingie starts!
      ..Poor Chacha :/ The relationship between her and Hide was way cooler in Hyouge Mono :/

    8. It WAS really sweet once the hallucinations stops, though. I wonder if that's the reason why the director changed, because when it goes away, the relationship becomes much nicer.

      Before that Hide was just openly drooling like stupid over Oichi and Chacha. But then suddenly it changes the moment the director changes person. And the crazy halucinations disappear. Maybe other people are noticing the weird implications too >:(

      I'll try watching Heugemono again just to see that, LOL XD Hide and Chacha's relationship always interest me. I love relationships that have a lot of problems before the pair gets together XD

      Next time I will actually make a proper list of places to go because at the time I have to take my parents into consideration and so I can't ask to go to too many places because they get tired so we just go to random places O_o

      At the very least I got to see the present-day Honnouji and the Osaka castle >.<

    9. I think that the director received criticism for it, so he changed the approach to the issue in the next episodes!

      The deal with Chacha in Hyouge Mono starts at episode 18! I don't remember when they get together, though.
      Also, the interpretation of that series of the Honnoji Incident was QUITE EPIC.

      My suggestion is always to provide a map to your parents and let them go alone XD They are a pair, they should be fine and reach everything safely!

  16. No, the director actually changed into a different person! XD
    From episode 1-16 it's Iseda Masaya. Episode 17 onward is Yoshida Tsutomu XD

    Oh yes I remember watching up until Honnouji, then it got tiring because my internet was so slow and I just cannot stand it anymore :(
    Now I live in school dorm and the internet is faster, so maybe I can watch more comfortably XD