Thursday, 30 November 2017

News from Nagoya!

Again, Nagoya does its best to keep us busy during winter.

The first appointment is this year edition of Nobunaga Kouro, another event that turned into a regular celebration dedicated to the Battle of Okehazama.
This year the event is scheduled from December 2, and the location is the Nagoya castle precints. It even sports a nice website in English, so enjoy!

Next, not strictly Nobu-related but still worth mentioning, don't forget about the Nagoya-jo Winter Festival, scheduled for December 23 to January 14.
As the main scheduled event is the "Countdown Live" to celebrate the new year, I suggest you to keep an eye to the temporary Touken Ranbu-themed cafe scheduled to open from January 5 to 14... It's still a bit early to check it, but you can find the official page of the event here.

Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Three Nobunaga in Eight Years!

This month the Nagoya Omotenashi Busho-tai celebrated 8 years of activity.
The PR group was formed on November 3, 2009 to celebrate the 400 years since the foundation of Nagoya City.
"8" is a lucky number in Japanese tradition, as its kanji, "八", moves upwards and is open at the bottom, signifying a never-ending growth.
For this reason the maruhachi (The kanji for eight with a circle around) is also the official symbol of Nagoya city, adopted on March 1907: it was originally used by the Tokugawa clan of Owari as its family seal.

During the eight years of glamorours activity and promotion, though, three Nobunagas changed on the stage of Nagoya castle.

Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Nobunaga events in Fujinomiya

Autumn is always a rich period for matsuri and events dedicated to Nobunaga-- After Nagoya, here are the celebrations dedicated to Nobunaga's tour of Fujinomiya after the defeat of the Takeda Clan.

The first event that I'd like to share is the 27th Oda Nobunaga Summit scheduled for November 11, followed by the Nobunaga Kouyo Matsuri on November 12.
It's a rich excuse to know more about Nobunaga, try delicious food and check out the kouyo, the "autumn colours" featured by the red foliage of the maples in the area.