Sunday, 6 December 2015

"My Kingdom for a Horse!"--

--Or "Me and the dignity of my Nobunaga's figurines" XD

As you know I'm a passionate collector, and among other things I decided to offer to Nobunaga some room in my collections.
This is one of the little miniatures portraying Nobunaga that I managed to get. It comes from the collection Sengoku Funroku (戦国風雲録) from the Historical Figure Museum (ヒストリカルフィギュアミュージアム) line.
It was released on 2004 by F-Toys.
Nobunaga is shown in all his contempt as he desecrates the funerary service of his father.
So, this peculiar figure came with some "extra parts" to place Nobunaga on a horse of choice.