Sunday, 6 December 2015

"My Kingdom for a Horse!"--

--Or "Me and the dignity of my Nobunaga's figurines" XD

As you know I'm a passionate collector, and among other things I decided to offer to Nobunaga some room in my collections.
This is one of the little miniatures portraying Nobunaga that I managed to get. It comes from the collection Sengoku Funroku (戦国風雲録) from the Historical Figure Museum (ヒストリカルフィギュアミュージアム) line.
It was released on 2004 by F-Toys.
Nobunaga is shown in all his contempt as he desecrates the funerary service of his father.
So, this peculiar figure came with some "extra parts" to place Nobunaga on a horse of choice.

After years of blessing ignorance, I decided to grant my miniature Nobunaga his horse, as I never had much enthusiasm for this rendition of our favourite ootsuke and it's never been quite stable in the first place.
Recently, I had the chance to find this damn horse (as apparently they are the rarest items of the collection!) at an auction and bought it instantly (then I found the same exact piece at an online store for half the price I paid, OBVIOUSLY).
I picked a gray horse as they were Nobunaga's favourite and pretty much iconic of his character, and I must say that the detail is quite stunning. Look at the uma-waraji, the battle sandals for horses!

And to end this post adequately, a picture of my tiny but precious collection of Nobunaga's historical figurines!
Aaah, I'm so proud of my little boys T^T


  1. Oh, his riding position, ahahahhh!!! Riding with on leg up the saddle... Nobu is often portrayed as riding that way. I wonder if there's a story basis for it. One manga mentioned that it's Nobu's "special" riding pose, but, well... it's fiction.

    1. Yeah, I guess that all the sources are pretty much fictional-- I've seen him on such poses mostly on movies or tv series (mostly on his meeting with Dosan), but rather than riding he was parading!

      Ahah, isn't he cute like this x'D ? 100% Ootsuke!

    2. Yes, usually I see it in that Dousan meeting, but the manga where it says that it's Nobu's particular riding pose is Akechi identifying him in battle ahahah. In the manga called YUme Maboroshi no Gotoku. It's a WTF manga about Nobu surviving Honnoji and trying to conquer the world, seems like related to an old game that's a precursor of Nobunaga's Ambition.

      But yes, of course he's cute!! XD Bratty Ooutsuke-Nobu is adorable <3