Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Nobunaga events in Fujinomiya

Autumn is always a rich period for matsuri and events dedicated to Nobunaga-- After Nagoya, here are the celebrations dedicated to Nobunaga's tour of Fujinomiya after the defeat of the Takeda Clan.

The first event that I'd like to share is the 27th Oda Nobunaga Summit scheduled for November 11, followed by the Nobunaga Kouyo Matsuri on November 12.
It's a rich excuse to know more about Nobunaga, try delicious food and check out the kouyo, the "autumn colours" featured by the red foliage of the maples in the area.

The Nobunaga Summit is the event dedicated to the influence of our favourite lord in history, and this year it will be hosted by Fujinomiya for the first time.
The lecturers are Tetsuo Owada and Ryoutaro Abe, while actress Yuuki Kudo is the representative of Fujinomiya's citizens.
The summit starts at 15:00 and ends at 18:15, the location is the Fujinomiya Citizen Cultural Hall (富士宮市民文化会館 ).
The opening event, "Nobunaga dances at Mount Fuji", features taiko and shakuhachi performances, nihon-buyo dances, kanshi gin'ei and callygraphy.
The lecture starts at 16:45 hours.

The festival location is the Fujinomiya Nishiyama Honganji precints, and is scheduled from 9:00 to 15:00 hours.
The area is served by two free shuttle bus: the first leaves from Fujinomiya Station (North Exit) every 30 minutes starting from 8:30, the other leaves from Shibakawa Kaikan (former Shibakawa Town Office) at 10 and 12 o'clock.
The event starts at 9 o'clock featuring a taiko performance.
Spotlights of the day, the busho parade at 10:30 and matchlock gun performance at 14:30.

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