Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Nagoya-jo Autumn Festival

The birthday of Gifu sure is distracting, since I noticed these seasonal events only now, fortunately still on time to remind you about the Autumn Edition of the Nagoya-jo Festival happening right now in Nagoya until November 23!
The idea is celebrating the Nagoya Castle and its surrounding four times a year, so to provide extra visibility to this touristic attraction.
The main events feature local products degustations, idol concerts, sport events, seasonal traditions and the like. You can check the schedule for the whole thing here.

Here is what could be of interest for us Nobunaga fans:
October 22 to November 23: Chrysanthemum and kiku-ningyo exhibition. Location: Nishinomaru.
November 4: Yabusame event. Scheduled for 10:30, 13:00 and 15:00 hours. Location: Ninomaru plaza.
November 5: Takagari event. Scheduled for 10:30~11:00 and 13:30~14:00 hours. Location: Ninomaru plaza.
November 18: Matchlock gun performance! Scheduled for 13:00~13:40 hours. Location: Ninomaru plaza.
November 19: Nagoya Busho-tai 8th Anniversary Celebration! Scheduled for 11:00~16:00. Location: Ninomaru plaza.

In case you're interested, here are the next scheduled events:
Nagoya-jo Winter Festival - Late December 2018 to January 1 2018
Nagoya-jo Spring Festival - Late March 2018 to Early May 2018.

I'll keep you guys updated about this!

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