Friday, 29 April 2016

Nobunaga Tribute from Foreigners on 世界!ニッポン行きたい人応援団

Hello everyone!
Today I'm here to forward this request that I got from the staff member of a Japanese reality show dedicated to fans of Japanese culture about making a short video that talks about our passion for Oda Nobunaga; one of the hosts of this TV show is Oda Nobunari, and it would be nice to show him that his ancestor is popular even oversea :) It's also a chance to see how far the message and ideals of Nobunaga got, through the voices of his foreign fans ^_^
I share the contents of the e-mail that Yumi-san sent me (with permission) and I attach the contacts so you can get in touch with the responsible :)
I’m Yumi Amano, a TV researcher at Japan Footage Inc.
Now I’m looking for Japanophiles who want to appear on a Japanese TV program “Who wants to come to Japan 世界ニッポン行きたい人応援団”.
(This is the official website: Unfortunately, only Japanese version is available now.
The Facebook page is here: This one is written in English for the most part.)

I saw your blog, and I was really impressed by how deep you love Nobunaga!
It makes me want to ask you a favor: Could you send us a short video which shows your passion to Nobunaga?
We want it to be shown on the TV program so that Nobunari Oda, who is the host of this program and introduces himself as a direct descendant of Nobunaga, can see it.
I’m sure it will delight him by letting him know that there is a Nobunaga fanatic even abroad, not only in Japan!
(Please note that: We can’t guarantee that your video will be used in this program. The producers of this program will choose some out of many.)

I think it would be very appealing if you explain in the video “why you found Nobunaga so attractive”, “what makes him special and different from other historical persons all over the world”.
Showing your collection of things related to Nobunaga would also work.
(Please make sure that we can see your face clearly through the video. The viewers want to know what kind of people love Japanese cultures. Also, please mention your name, country, age at the beginning of the video. )

I have one more favor to ask. If you know any other non-Japanese Nobunaga enthusiasts like you or international Nobunaga fan networks, could you introduce them to us?
If we could find many people like you, we could propose to the producers that they should feature the overseas popularity of Nobunaga on the program, and this might raise the probability of the adoption of your video.
We would be also grateful if you could post an announcement about this on your blog since I assume that many Nobunaga fans must check your blog.
(If you would be so kind as to do this, we’ll send you more information about this program including image data.)

If you have any questions, please e-mail me or the chief researcher anytime.
Thank you for reading, and I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

If you're intrigued, interested, and feel THE LOVE FOR NOBU SCREAMING FROM YOUR SOUL!!! contact Yumi-san at amano[!] (of course, change [!] with @ ;) )-- And let's hope that our videos will be selected to show on TV XD !


  1. OMG, look at you!! Congratulations! You're popular! XD
    Do I need to contact Yumi-san or something, if I want to participate? It sounds like she's only inviting you to participate, LOL.

    1. "If you know any other non-Japanese Nobunaga enthusiasts like you or international Nobunaga fan networks, could you introduce them to us?"

      She asked me to post this so that everyone who is interested can take part in it :D
      Yes, you can contact her by e-mail and ask for further infos or attach already a download to your video :)
      The idea is that of proposing to the producers a selection of videos of Nobunaga fans, but of course the more videos they get, the more they would be keen on considering the "phenomenon" of Nobunaga gaijin fans and feature it on their show :)

  2. Woops, accidentally commented twice. I deleted the other one ahaha.

  3. I just found this now. Do you think I still can try this? It's already 2 months past.

    1. Sure, go ahead and send your contribution.
      As far as I got, nothing is going to start since they'll get enough submissions :)

    2. Did you send yours? XD
      I'm really bad at shooting LOL. Mine is still not done even until now.

    3. Of course I did XD
      It was terrible and a pain in the ass to do, but I had to give my contribution XD

    4. Give me tips on what to say, LOL. After talking about how I first knew Nobu, I'm not sure what else to say.

    5. I talked about how I got to know Nobu, of course, why I like him, I showed off some of my artworks and the doujinshi I contributed to time ago and then I made a tiny "show and tell" with my Nobunaga 1/6 figure-- I also mentioned my trips to Japan to investigate Nobu's spots :)
      --It's just a pity that I looked uglier than usual on video, but I was too tired at the end to look for a nice light and a nice angle to fix the perspective of my shitty camera x'D I don't think that my contribution is going to be popular with the producers, ahah x'D

  4. Hi Elonora,

    I came across your blog months back, and just suddenly seen this. I'm not a Nobu fanatic per say, but I'd like to call myself a "history fanatic"? I guess my attempt at being a "fan" is my work on a ninja series, where Oda is present. I also plan to do a story based on Tsukiyama.

    Also, I do a NARUTO fic where there's a boy with a Oda Nobunaga motif (and an Akechi). So, along with this comes the research, and the wonderment of this "scary figure". That's basically it. I appreciate your passion.

    1. Ahah, thank you very much for your comment!
      It's always interesting to hear how people get to know Nobunaga :D
      Good luck with your projects!

  5. Thank you Eleonora.

    Actually, I'd like to add: Not only Tsukiyama, but also Iga Tensho no Ran and Mt. Hiei Incident.