Friday, 25 November 2016

Nobunaga Kouro! 'Cause what happens in Okehazama stays in Nagoya.

I-I just wrote yesterday about the pre-events of Gifu 450th Anniversary, and now there's already stuff about Nagoya, that can't stay on the sidelines looking at other people profitting of Nobunaga's name..?
The news come straight from Okehazama Battle website, where we can find about this "Nagoya Castle Sengoku Festival" scheduled for December 11. It's not clear if this is going to be a recurring event or it's just a one time thing... Knowing Nagoya PR though, I believe that it's going to be another regular Nobunaga-related festival on Nagoya's roster (not that I'm complaining!)...

Another interesting event happening during the festival is the special collaboration between Nagoya city and the manga Ikusa no Ko by Tetsuo Hara-sama, "Nagoya ni Okehazama ari." (literally, "Okehazama is in Nagoya"), that will feature special merchandising for sale and a lottery. Fun fact, a similar pre-event was held in Tokyo, by the Yurachuko Station, and you can read the report about it on the official website of the mangaka.
Speaking of which, today the new chapter of the manga is up for online reading :D

The events are free, and they'll be set in the Ninomaru park of Nagoya Castle. Here you can find the websites for both events!

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