Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Nobunaga 450 Digest (一)

So, let's start the new year with a first report on Gifu 450th Anniversary!
Image coming from Nobunaga450 official website. The banners that celebrate the 450th Anniversary of the city foundation were placed by the exit of JR Gifu Station during the Gifu Nobunaga Matsuri of 2016.
As I said, since the celebrations are going to be strongly Nobunaga-related, I decided to offer some coverage of the various events happening around Gifu, digging around websites, blogs and other media as I find them quite relevant to our interest-- Since we can't be there all year around, at least we can use some informations, right?!

So, let's start with some recollection of past events, and a list of the upcoming events scheduled for January and February.

On December 21 the taxi company of Gifu Nihon Taxi presented a special "wrapping" dedicated to the 450th Anniversary.
The pictures come from the Facebook account of the company, and the new cars are available starting January 1.
I also found out that the company offers a "taxi course" dedicated to Dosan and Nobunaga, focused on sites of interest.

On December 25 the first part of the collaboration between Gifu Castle and the anime Nobunaga no Shinobi was concluded and with the new year the second part involving voice actress Inori Minase just started.
The picture above shows Chidori "hiding" in Gifu Castle and comes from a report on this blog.
The author was late and couldn't get the present for the successful mission, but on this account you can get a view of the cute strap available.
Partially unrelated, if you're a fan of Nobunaga no Shinobi and you happen in Tokyo, you may fancy the idea of visiting Mononopu Sengoku-themed Maid Cafe, that offers a menu inspired to the anime characters. The event will end of January 9.

The real opening ceremony of the 450th Anniversary though was during the hatsuhinode of Gifu Castle on January 1.
The event started at 06:15 and was animated by the Gifu Bushotai Shingi Tesshin. On this blog you can find a report with pictures of the event.
From January 1 to January 3, a special "Tenka Fubu" seal was presented to the first 100 visitors (per day) of Gifu castle.

The collaboration between Gifu and the videogame Sengoku Musou will start on January 13.
That's when the exhibition of the cardboard panels dedicated to the characters located at mount Kinka will start, until April 9.
The exhibition will focus on the characters native of Mino plus Nobunaga.
The talk show event featuring the videogame's voice actors of Nobunaga and Nouhime, Kosugi Jurouta and Suzuki Mariko, is scheduled for February 26.
During the exhibition there will be a sale of limited edition goods, too. Check the website of the collaboration for further infos.
Partially unrelated, if you're a fan of Kosugi Jurouta, you may be intrigued by the fact that the audioguide of the current Sengoku Jidai: A Century of Dreams exhibition features the option of Nobunaga's voice too. Thanks to Irene who reported me about this ^_^

On February 5 is the time for a calligraphy performance celebrating the new year.
The performers are students of the local institutes. The event starts at 13:00 and it's located at the Gifu Memorial Center.

Also, as Les told us already, the next Nobunaga-gaku Forum is scheduled for February 25.
The theme of this year lies in the concept of "Tenka Fubu" and the location of the event will be Juuroku Plaza.

Then, let's end the month with some laughs.
The 14th Rakugo contest of Gifu "Sakuden Taisho" will be held on February 25 and 26, and the closing event with the performance of Tatekawa Shinosuke and Katsura Bunshi VI is scheduled for February 27. The location is the Nagarekawa Convention Center.

And well, this is all for winter :) See you again on Spring with news and further events!

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