Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Nobunaga 450 Digest (三)

Better late than never, finally here I am to take a look at what's happening there in Gifu city for the celebrations of the 450th anniversary of the city's enstablishment!
This time as the "cover" of this post I picked the stunning real life size statue of Nobunaga inspired by the taiga drama of 1973 that decorates the entrance to the Nobunaga Gallery-- But let's go in order!

First of all, speaking of the Nobunaga Kakure exhibition in the precints of Gifu Castle, I managed to find more informations and pictures about it!
The exhibition of manga artworks changes periodically. When I visited it, it was dedicated to the manga "Nobunaga no Chef" by Mitsuru Nishimura:

It was up from April 29 to June 29.

Right after it, followed the exhibition of original plates of the manga "Sengoku" by Hideki Miyashita, one of my favourites, that will be up until September 28:

Next it'll be the turn of "Ikusa no Ko" by the awesomest Tetsuo Hara, starting September 30!

Also, it was finally released the Nobunaga-themed recipe booklet Nobunaga-ko Ikusa Meshi:
A contest was held among vocational schools of the prefecture to come with six original recipes inspired by Sengoku cuisine and Nobunaga's figure.
The result can be found here, where you can download the original recipes as a PDF file!

Speaking of the new events that characterize this summer dedicated to the shining glory of our Nobunaga, they've been collected under the Gifu Nobunaga Natsunojin motto:
It's a series of events located at Gifu Mediacosmos, Gifu Historical Museum and the precints of Gifu Castle.

The first event is the Nobunaga Gallery that we mentioned above.
It was inaugurated on July 13 and it's already celebrating its 10.000th visitor!
It's a reconstruction of the Nobunaga's residence recently discovered at the feet of Mount Kinka, featuring informative videos, presentations, interactive spots.
It's a mix of history and fiction, as most of the reconstructions are inspired by TV dramas, that already investigated the charm of Nobunaga's residences.

Yet, the most stunning feature of the Gallery is the real life size, hyper-realistic statue of the Nobunaga portrayed by Hideki Takahashi in the "Nobunaga" taiga drama of 1973:

It's incredible!!
If you wanna check it out, the Gallery will be up until 17 December at the Gifu Mediacosmos. The entrance is free.

Next, it's the turn of another interesting Gifu Nobunaga Exhibition, this time hosted by the Gifu Historical Museum:
The event is going to be enriched time by time by special guests and their conferences; the exhibition features a huge collection of items connected to Nobunaga's life that would like to give a more defined idea of the "face" of this mysterious conqueror.
The exhibition will be up and running until August 20. The ticket is 1000 yen.

Next, a special event dedicated to encourage the visits to Gifu castle at evening, Gifu-jo Yagai Gentou: special LED projectors illuminate and decorate the area of Gifu castle, to give it a special mood:

The event starts at 6 pm until 10 pm. The decorated area is included between the Mount Kinka Ropeway arrival station and Gifu castle. These special evening openings will last until September 9.
Even if the event is free to access, one is supposed to pay for the ropeway trip and the castle's entrance.

Last but not least from June 22 to September 3, the Gifu Mediacosmos area is going to host the second edition of the Gifu Nobunaga no Rakuichi of this year:
A mix between a street market and a matsuri, the opening ceremony included a free jazz exhibition.

As Nobunaga was a huge fan of sumo, the yearly sumo provincial tour gets its dose of Nobu as the Gifu Nobunaga Basho:
The event is scheduled for July 30 and the tickets are long sold out!
The location of the event is the Gifu Memorial Center.

We end this short but juicy report with our usual anime goods!
On August 12 at the Juuroku Plaza Hall is scheduled a talk-show dedicated to a new arc of the popular "Detective Conan" TV series set in Gifu!
The contents of the story and its title are top secret, but lots of informations are expected during the event!
The special guests are seiyuu Minami Takayama, the voice of Conan, and the chief producer of Yomiuri Television Michihiko Suwa.
The entrance is free, but it's limited to 600 visitors and it goes through postcard submission!

And it's all for this season, see you on Autumn!


  1. AAARRRGH I'm jealous! Do you have close up shots of the Nobunaga no Chef pages? XD
    Nobunaga no Chef is currently my favourite Sengoku era manga especially now that Nobunaga's sons has appeared!! :3 It's interesting to see Nobutaka and Nobutada having rivalry for once (usually in fiction the one who hate each other are Nobutaka and Nobukatsu XD)

    1. No, actually, it was forbidden to take pictures inside XD I found those shots online. If you google the name of the exhibition you may find lots, thought :D -> 信長公の隠れ家

      Kyah!!! I should catch up to it ToT I noticed that recently that the scanlations received a boost--!
      Around which chapter are the Nobu's boys appearing?!

    2. Darn! XD Ok, I will try to Google.

      Oh, I'm not reading from scanlation. I'm lucky that Nobunaga no Chef is officially licensed in my country. So it's ahead of the scanlation XD It's in volume 17 or 18, I forgot >__<

    3. I posted the pictures of Nobu boys from the raw on Tumblr:

      We're still missing Nobukatsu, though :( :(

    4. Yes, I know that you're reading the books ^_^; I asked so I knew how much I had to wait XD

      Yay, thank you for the pics :D It's good fangirl material indeed <3
      Curious, I always thought that Nobukatsu looked more like Nobunaga as a youngster :D Probably because the Jesuits said that Nobutaka had a better personality than Nobukatsu...