Monday, 28 May 2018

Nobunaga's Moving Castle

I'm following the anime Basilisk: Ouka Ninpouchou; it's a ninja story set in the early Edo period, the obvious sequel of Basilisk: Kouga Ninpouchou.

This new chapter in the misadventures of Iga and Kouga ninja focuses on an attempt to revive Nobunaga by a group of Tokugawa opponents, the Joujinshuu. As a "cradle" to host the rebirth of Nobunaga, they set up this disturbing moving castle heading for Edo, dubbed the Murakumo, which is, by far, a perfect copy of Azuchi castle!

The first appearance of Murakumo is indeed grottesque and disturbing, if just for the "crawling walls" wrapping it in a snakey fashion--!

Note the holes hosting huge cannons!
This version of Murakumo can be seen in detail in episode 10 "The Heavenly Robe Sees Carnage".

After a first subjugation, the castle actually returns in all its fancy strenght, this time as a fortified, walking version of Azuchi:

If you're interested in checking out more, you can see it in episode 18 "One Hundred Eyes See their Destiny".

Here are a few shots of the interior:

The tenshu is decorated with obscene stained glasses. The lower part of the castle is pretty much a mix of stairs.

Here is part of the moving mechanism:
Of course the anime is quite vague on details.

Last but not least, the castle is accessible from its bottom by some kind of runway:

And this is all from Basilisk, for now!

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