Thursday, 6 November 2014

NOBUNAGA TOUR 2014 (pt.I): Nagoya, Tsushima, Shobata

As you may know by now, I recently faced a huge two-weeks tour all around Japan by myself: I profitted to visit more places related to Nobunaga, took part in various matsuri dedicated (more or less!) to his figure and enjoy myself.
It's been a fun adventure and I loved how much I managed to learn and discover during this trip.
Here is a shot of the Nobunaga performing during this year's Nagoya Matsuri ^^

So, as you may expect, I already started to write the reports concerning my trip on my website.
You can go there to read about the Jaike Jinja, the Ryounji, the ruins of Nagono Castle and Nagono Jinja for what concerns the city of Nagoya, then Tsushima, with its Tsushima Jinja and the Tennoukawa park, places related to Nobunaga's youthful days, and the cities of Inazawa and Aisai, on the traces of Nobunaga's birthplace, Shobata Castle.

On the same page you can find reports on the Nagoya Matsuri of this year, and also the Mochitsuki of Banshoji of October, plus a page with some pictures of the Yana Bus, the city bus of Gifu sponsored by Nouhime.

Here are the direct links to every article:
Nagoya →
Tsushima and Shobata →

Nagoya Matsuri →
Mochitsuki at Banshoji →
Yana Bus →

This is only the first part of my Nobunaga Tour, please, read and enjoy as I work on the second part, focused on Kyoto, second stage of my tour ^_^


  1. Haha, I feel like a terrible researcher now. I have no idea what most of these places are D:

    I need to study more XD how do you find the names of all the places? Do you just google or something? :P

    1. It's all mentioned in the Shinchokoki :D and anyhow there are lots of websites that propose some touristic routes like these :D
      I got the infos about the Nagono Jinja and the Ryounji from the blog of good ol' Les :D
      --I tried to look also for the exact spot of the temple where Nobu and Dosan first met, but I don't think that there's anything to see anymore at the original location :/

      There are also lots of things that I didn't manage to see 'cause I couldn't find a free spot in my schedule XD like the Ikoma mansion or the tomb of Kitsuno, or the Sokenji at Kiyosu :/ !

      Then yes, Google is a faithful friend too XD

  2. Haha, I forgot to take note of places while reading Shinchoukoki. I mostly take note of names. I am so epic fail XD

    Oooh, Kitsuno's tomb at Konan? I kind of want to go there too. Konan has a Nobu and Kitsuno tourism route and it sounds interesting XD And because Nobutada and Nobukatsu were part of the "7 commanders of Konan" and I want to see if I can hear more about them there XD Nobu-sama's sons are pretty interesting too :P

    (it would be cool if we can go together LOL. I am too embarrassed to fangirl over Nobu with my reguler friends or my family)

    1. It's all there and in its notes, seriously :D
      Sometimes I do some research I feel very proud of, then I happen to take a peek at the notes of the Chronicles and I realize that everything was already written there and I feel extra dumb D'x !!
      --I would like to have a chat with the author ;_; !!

      All the Kitsuno's places are easily reachable by train from Nagoya :D
      The Ikoma house is quite important as it seems that Nobu attended the place quite frequently, also because he was friend with Kitsuno's brother!
      There's also the thing about Hideyoshi serving there, before entering Nobunaga's crew.

      --I would love to have a Nobu Tour with other Nobu fans T^T ! I was lucky, 'cause I did the first tour with a friend who is, and I met her again during the walks around Nagoya because of the matsuri ;o; <3 Visiting places of interest with fellow fans is the best!
      --I'm not planning to go to Japan in the next years, but I could consider it for the 2017 or so! --2017 is going to be my "Chinese Year", so I'd like to visit China to celebrate, but I'd be ok with Japan too, ahah XD !

  3. Oh, Hideyoshi. I remember Hachisuka Koroku Masakatsu was also involved with Kitsuno somewhere, and Hideyoshi got to know Kitsuno from Koroku.... so i also want to know what relation does Koroku have with the Ikoma family...

    1. Uh, I didn't know that Hachisuka knew Hideyoshi before knowing Nobunaga... I thought that the Hachisuka became Oda vassals, and only later Masakatsu entered Hideyoshi service...

    2. My Hideyoshi biography book said that Masakatsu was also there when Kitsuno recommended Hideyoshi to Nobunaga. The Bukoyawa story said the guy's name is "Hachiemon", but Wikipedia says that Hachiemon is actually Masakatsu.

      The Osaka castle display has the Yahagi bridge story instead, but... Wikipedia says the story is just a myth, LOL.

      Either way it's a popular belief that Masakatsu and Hideyoshi already met before Hideyoshi served Nobunaga. It's just a popular story, though. That's why I want to find out more about it! XD