Tuesday, 11 November 2014

NOBUNAGA TOUR 2014 (pt.II) - Kyoto (and Ise∼)

I'm about to pass out, but here's the post about the "Nobunaga places" in Kyoto that I managed to visit during my last trip to Japan.
Nobunaga performing during the Jidai Matsuri ^^

--This time very little words 'cause I'm really sick about writing XD
Here are the links from my website for a quick check:


Funaoka Matsurihttp://daevakun.altervista.org/repo/nobu06.htm
Jidai Matsurihttp://daevakun.altervista.org/repo/nobu07.htm

Ise Azuchi-Momoyama Bunkamura (Azuchi Castle) → http://daevakun.altervista.org/repo/nobu08.htm
Shinchou Saryouhttp://daevakun.altervista.org/repo/nobu09.htm

Please, enjoy ^_^


  1. Aaaaw, you got to see the matsuri!! So jealous...

    Shinchou Saryou seems to have been upgraded since the last time I went there. The 3rd and 4th floor was not there when I visited :'(

    I will need a map or a friend to show me around if I want to try looking for the landmarks of Honnouji. Last time I tried to find it and I got lost in the streets.

    1. Well, yeah, consider that it rained during the whole parade =_= And the day before and the day after it was perfectly sunny! I can't believe it... I got soaked =_= !
      --And once it was over I was extremely hungry, and I couldn't eat anything at Shinchou Sanryo 'cause the restaurant was under renovation D: !!
      So, yeah, I wasn't shining with luck either ._.;

      Errr... You tried to visit Kyoto and look for the landmarks WITHOUT A MAP XD ?!
      Of course you never found them D: !!
      Before going to look for the places I researched all of them on GoogleMaps and printed everything XD ! (and some of them were a bit off, too!)

  2. Okay, so can I borrow your map, then? XD

    I do have a map, but it was unclear D:

    1. Sure, I was thinking about sharing them anyway ^_^ !

    2. BTW, where did you get the story about Nobutaka ordering the grave in the present Honnoji?
      I only ever saw that in the manga called "Sengoku Danshi Hana no Ran". I tried to find actual history records of it but I can't XD

    3. --It was written everywhere at Honnoji XD
      It's mentioned on the plaque in front of Nobu's grave and in the pamphlet of the temple, the one that you get when you access the mini-museum :D !

    4. The plaque? There's an ENglish one? The one i saw was in Japanese and I couldn't read it TT___TT
      I think they had an English pamphlet, but they didn't give me one :'(

    5. It was in Japanese, but I recognized the name of Nobukatsu-chan in there!
      Yes, there was a pamphlet in English! I was given IMMEDIATELY one because of my charmingly gaijin features, I guess x'DDD
      I tried to look around for it to link you a scan, but I can't find it D: I guess that I sent it to my friend Barbara, who's a fellow Nobu-fan... I'll let you know if I can get hold of it, but it was mostly the priests of the temple pimping their relation with Nobu XD

    6. DAMMIT XD

      I have Asian face so people tend to think I'm local and a lot of people talk to me in Japanese and I don't understand a word they're saying :'D

    7. I thought so x'D

      --Even if Japanese people always make a point that they can tell an Asian from another!

  3. Sono più che sicura che ora risulterò blasfema ma mi ha fatto sorridere l'idea che sul posto dove Nobu sia morto ci abbiano costruito un "fan club"! Grazie al tuo articolo ne sono venuta a conoscenza, non avevo proprio idea che esistesse! Naturalmente è stato subito infilato come tappa di viaggio obbligatoria per la prossima primavera!
    Non so davvero come ringraziarti per questi eccellenti post, sono uno più bello dell'altro e mi aiuteranno tantissimo! Ma al bar Zipangu avevano la testa di Nagamasa come tazza per il sakè? :P

    1. Ma guarda, il tuo commento Babi rispecchia a pieno le mie mille perplessità XD Oltre alla faccenda inquietante della terra coi presunti resti di Nobu da toccare (?!!), vogliamo parlare dell'acqua mistica che dovrebbe sorgere da Honnoji? Che razza di buffonata XD
      Però l'ambientino è molto carino, secondo me se si riesce a partecipare a uno degli eventi sarebbe il top!
      E peccato per il ristorante chiuso, sognavo di mangiare il curry di Nobu T_T !!!
      --Se avessero avuto "Nagamasa Cups" al Bar Zipangu sicuramente in serata ci sarei passata x'DDD Invece no ;_; Anzi, avevano anche un ambiguo liquorino intitolato a Mitsuhide :/ !