Wednesday, 7 September 2016

On the Expressway for "War Food"!

Talk about curious Japanese initiatives... Apparently to promote new stretches of highroad and the service areas around, the Central Nippon Expressway involved the local busho-tai, including our favourite guys from Nagoya!
It goes by itself, in Japan "Autumn" rhymes with "Food", so associated to the event is the release of special meals that could be found the parking areas and service areas of the Central Nippon Expressway, and a series of live events, scheduled for September 17 and November 6, sporting the presence of Nobunaga-dono among others.

Among the Nobunaga's signature specialties, those that caught my attention are the "Shoubu!" katsudon curry (gotta copy this) and the scenic "Nobunaga no Tenkatori" akamiso pork soba, but the menu is filled with desserts and take-away snacks too, the pick is up to you!
In case you're interested, the event lasts from September 1 to November 30, and the area of Nobunaga's pertinence is the Higashi-Meihan Expressway in Tokai region!
You can keep yourself updated on the releases of the meals and the scheduled busho-tai events checking out the Facebook account dedicated to the event.

--Thank you Teap for the instant translation check XD

And on a closing note, since we're talking about tourism, I'd like to pimp this website where you can get informations and reports on the various festivals dedicated to our favourite samurai, battles and historical sites, SAMURAI FESTIVAL.
I used its informations to update my page dedicated to the matsuri and events dedicated to Nobunaga, so you can check that out too.
The website mentions also recent festivals dedicated to Ranmaru or the Azai family (with a special spot for Ichi and her daughters, of course), I didn't include them on the page as there's no Nobunaga enactor there, but if you like the personalities involved it may be fun to check them out!

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