Sunday, 20 November 2016

Shoubu! Katsudon Curry∼

--Sorry for the lack of updates and if this blog looks like that of a glutton, but today I had the chance to cook myself a version of the Shoubu! Katsudon Curry starring at the current Ikusameshi Campaign across Central Nippon Expressway areas :)
This dish is dedicated to Nobunaga and his desire to conquer the land through daring tactics; the idea is that of mixing two strong, delicious flavours into one meal.
It's autumn, so the heart calls for filling meals ^_^
This was my first time making katsudon, too-- I followed a recipe on Youtube, exciting experience :D
I used some of the katsudon sauce (eggs and onions) to relish the curry sauce, it tasted nice.

--The bad things about these cooking experiences are that, first, it took me half an hour to prepare this and it just took me 14 minutes to devour it ;_; and second-- I had to clean all the dishes! I hate that part...
Now that I'm ready to face the cold season, see you soon for more chatting about our favourite warlord!

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