Friday, 20 January 2017

Nobunaga meets Takarazuka: "NOBUNAGA - Tenka no Yume"

Recently I started to collect Japanese pamphlets about my favourite anime movies... Since I found some for cheap, I also presented myself some dedicated to various stage plays featuring Nobunaga.
This is my first arrival, the pamphlet of "NOBUNAGA - Tenka no Yume", the recent show featuring the Moon Troupe of Takarazuka:
This refers to the show of Tokyo at the Tokyo Takarazuka Theatre.
Let's leaf through it together!

So, the booklet starts with the comments of producers and directors.
Here's the page featuring Takuji Ono, writer and director of "NOBUNAGA". The double feature included "Forever LOVE!!", written and directed by Daisuke Fujii.

Then it's the turn of the cast, dedicated to the profiles of the characters.
The "stars" of the troupes feature a "male" and "female" character, hero and heroine of the story.
In this stage play Nobunaga was played by beautiful Ryu Masaki and Nouhime by Reika Manaki.

Another interesting character is Roltes, an original introduced in this play and portrayed by Ryo Tamaki.
Apparently he's relevant to the change of Nobunaga from "passionate dreamer" to "demon king"-- He's described as "a Roman knight", and somehow reminded me of Cesare Borgia!

The pamphlets goes on with the contents of the show.
Here's the summaries of the various "acts", with the featured Takarasiennes.
The play is composed of nine acts plus the introduction. The first act is "Okehazama", and the last is "Honnoji".

After a huge selections of pictures from both shows, two articles dedicated to Nobunaga interactions with foreign stuff and publicity featuring the stars, there's an interesting part dedicated to the comments of the involved Takarasiennes and some stage pictures.

Above is Ryu Masaki during the rehearsal ♥

And now a few pictures featuring Ryu Masaki as Nobunaga :)

And, of course, a beautiful picture of Ryu Masaki during "Shining LOVE!!" for the die-hard fans out there ^_^

On a paring note, if you're curious about the stage play and wanna get a vibe out of it, you can check it out this video, featuring the introduction of the show and introducing the main characters involved!


  1. Nice blog :)
    But i have a request for you , Do you know some nice Nobunaga quotes ?

    1. Hello, Nobunaga was famous for not being a poetic spirit or quite talkative.
      There are some quotes related to him, but some of them I don't know if they were actually said by him or just sources of rumors.

      He's universally popular for the motto "Tenka Fubu", "Unify the land through military power", but that's not his original creation. The monk Takugen Shoun came up with it.