Thursday, 2 March 2017

Nobunaga 450 Digest (二)

Here we are again, doing our best to keep track of the celebrations for the 450th Anniversary of Gifu city :)
This time we picked a picture of a fully Nobu-decorated Gifu Castle as a "cover" of this post because, if just for the "Sengoku Musou" invasion, it's pretty much the protagonist of current events... But let's go in order, for a complete overview of just past and future Spring events in Gifu--!

First of all, on January the aministration of Gifu City released the promotional booklet "Eetoko Tanto Gifu-shi", with infos about the 450th Anniversary and touristic hints, but also every-day informations for its citizens, as concerning education and health care.
The pamphlet is available at the touristic office of Gifu JR Station and the main touristical spots for free.
You can read more about it here, where you can access a digital copy of the booklet.

Do you remember the release of "Honnoji Hotel", the recent Nobu-related time-travelling movie set in Kyoto?
Well, Gifu managed to deal with it too, setting up little promotional spots in both Gifu Media Cosmos and the theatres of Midland Square Cinema.
The setting will be up until the end of the cinema release.

I mentioned at the beginning of the post about the "Sengoku Musou" invasion, spreading from Gifu park area to the ropeway and the castle precints... it's seriously overbearing!

The exhibition covers and features pretty much the whole area, even the ropeway wagon and coin-lockers are decorated in Musou fashion!

There is also a little exhibion of Nobunaga's clothes during the videogame--
As you see the Gifu Castle bushotai made already a spectacle out of it!
By the way starting today a special design will decorate the tourist information office of JR Gifu Station, featured on a series of exclusive goods, too.
The umbrellas that Nobunaga and Nouhime are using here are one of Gifu typical crafts.

On February 25 Gifu city was blessed with its 10th edition of the Nobunaga Forum.

The theme of this edition was "Tenka Fubu".
The guests were Okada Tetsuo, lecturer of a conference dedicated to the importance of Gifu castle's conquest by Nobunaga during the Sengoku times, followed by a performance of "Atsumori" by Yoshida Atsushi and its explanation to the audience. The closing event was a "panel discussion" featuring the guests and "history doll" Kohinata Eri.

On February 26 the seiyuu of Nobunaga and Nouhime from "Sengoku Musou" were the protagonists of a talkshow with fans.
I couldn't find any report of the event, but some signed shikishi that I found on this twitter account is the proof that, if not an actual signing sessions, at least a related lottery was granted to the audience.

On February 5, various Gifu school associations took part in the calligraphy performance of the New Year!
Here's a huge report with pictures on the official website, and I managed to find a video, too!
They are the calligraphy club of Gifu Women's University!

Speaking of the upcoming events this Spring, during the Gifu Ume Matsuri it will be possible to take part in the first of the "Nobunaga Welcome Tea Party" events at Zuiryu-ji, Kakusei'in and Unryu'in.
The tickets to the tea ceremonies cost 1700 yen on site, 1500 yen on pre-order, and it's for two persons.
Other "parties" will be held on May.

After the Nobunaga Forum, on April 23 is the time of the Tokubetsu Symposium, another historical conference of interest dedicated to the conquest of Mino by Nobunaga.
Special guests of the event are historians Izawa Motohiko and Honkou Kazuto.
The event is free to access but there's a limitation to 600 guests; the reservations start on March 31. The place is the usual Juuroku Plaza.

The first edition of the "Gifu Nobunaga Rakuichi" market will be held on May 13-14.
It's your typical seasonal market inspired by Nobunaga policies on free trade, inaugurated at Gifu exactly. The venue is Gifu park.
According to the guidebook, other street markets will be available on July and November, in the precints of Gifu Media Cosmos.
Remember that further seasonal street markets will be held during the Sen'i Matsuri, dedicated to the used goods of the locals, on April, July, October and December too, around JR Gifu Station.

Starting May 13 various "History Wals" will be promoted in Gifu.
We note the Nobunaga-related places Tour, from Meitetsu Gifu Station to Gifu Park.
If you are a fan of historical walks, I also suggest you the website Oda Nobunaga Walking, with "courses" around Nagoya, Kiyosu and Komaki.

On May 15 the Gifu branch of the Ikebono-style Ikebana Association will celebrate its 100th anniversary since its foundation; for the occasion, a special ikebana exhibition dedicated to Nobunaga will be held at Gifu City Cultural Center.
--It's said that once captured Mino, the monk Ikenobu Senkou was one of the first guests that Nobunaga invited to Gifu Castle, and for the occasion Senkou made a beautiful "Rising Dragon" flower arrangment as a good omen for future conquests!

Last but not least, starting the ukai season, the onsen hotels of Nagarakawa are offering again the awesome Nobunaga Omotenashi Gozen to their guests!!
The involved places are Hotel Park, Sugiyama, Gifu Grand Hotel and Juuhachi Rou. Check out their websites for further infos and plans!

And that's all for now-- See you again for Summer events!

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