Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Weaving a Story

So, I'm in the process of moving rooms, so I'm taking my time to check out all the stuff that keeps coming out of my armoir (mostly 'cause I'm throwing away the most of it 😀 )... As I'm a compulsive t-shirts buyer, I couldn't help paying a moment to the souvenir t-shirts bought during my trips to Japan and dedicated to Nobunaga.
I call them "the Tenka Fubu Bunch", as all of them feature the famous motto, no matter where I bought them XD
Obviously they all come with a story to tell, and a fond memory of my travels...

I bought this one during my first trip to Japan, it was May of 2011, a few months after the Earthquake of Tohoku.
It's the first Nobunaga t-shirt that I bought, and it was at a blatantly touristic stall at Senso-ji precints, in Asakusa, Tokyo.

I was with some Japanese friends who were showing me around and when they spot that t-shirt they were like "LOL, what is this doing here?! Stupid touristic crap!" ...To their disappointment I bought it in an instant 😂
The front features a cute embroidery of the Oda kamon and the Tenka Fubu motto, while the back feature the same logo in a bigger size, and "Atsumori" lyrics under that.
Stereotypical to the to the nth degree, but damn, it's also the concept of "Nobunaga" at its best 😀
When I was at the airport for the returning flight I was obviously wearing that, and one of my friends asked me "What the hell is written there? All the old men are turning around to look at you!" 😄

The next t-shirts I bought, they all come from my first Nobunaga Tour, on October 2012.
This is the first one, I got it at the souvenir shop close to Kiyosu Castle.

This is my favourite t-shirt of the bunch. I simply adore the colours, and it fits me so well.
The front features the decorations of Nobunaga's kabuto, the one he wore at Okehazama, and the back features the Oda kamon with Tenka Fubu in the middle and some verses of "Atsumori".
I wear this t-shirt every time I can, so by now it's a bit discoloured...

The second t-shirt came from Gifu City Museum of History, obviously.

During our visit there was an exhibition dedicated to various letters featuring the Tenka Fubu seal (of course, since Gifu was where it was first used), so I bought this t-shirt as a souvenir.
The back features the logo of the museum.
Probably I had a bit too much fun in there, mostly because I got really taken in by the attractions for children... Teap was with me and her usual comment was "...I have no words." 😓
Well. I was just enjoying myself! It's difficult to keep focused when visiting a museum with 99% of the infos in a foreign language that you don't know!

And last but not least, the t-shirt that I got when visiting the Nobunaga no Yakata.

The ultimate Tenka Fubu seal 😄
When there I actually wanted to buy the white version of this t-shirt, as my collection was getting a bit to grim-- Then Teap suggested me to get the black one instead, as the print looked prettier. Incidentally, I stained this with white acrylic paint as I was wearing it while painting some stuff 😢 Now I just wear it when I'm indoor...

And this is the end of my wear memorabilia... I wonder if I'll get something else during my next trips (even if my drawers are about to explode)..?

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