Sunday, 14 May 2017

Castle Sweet Castle, or when your favourite stronghold turns into a moe girl...

Irene gave me another hint for another post about our beloved pop subculture.
Today we're going to explore the world of browser games again, but this time rather than swords we'll focus on something more satisfying: castles.
Exactly, the Japanese entertainment had the brillant idea of turning popular castles (and they are not just Japanese castles) into cute pretty girls devoted to the well-being of their tono.

The culprits of this new wave is the usual DMM, that started the development of Shiro Project (城プロジェクト) on 2014, with a revamped version, Shiro Project RE:, released on 2016.
The aim of the game is collecting castles in the shape of pretty girls, and use them for this strategic game to conquer land and protect yourself, the lord of the castles.
Here you can find some examples of the castles dedicated to Noibunaga, that are obviously top-notch; opening this post is the screenshot featruring the introduction of Kiyosu Castle, and down here you can see the profile pictures of Inabayama Castle (aka Gifu) and Komakiyama Castle!

Above is a banner announcing the introduction of the most precious Azuchi Castle in the gameplay.

During my reasearch I found another videogame of the same kind, this time produced by GREE and backed by the giant Kadokawa publishing.
We're talking about Shirohime Quest (城姫クエスト), released on 2014 too.
Down here you can check the profiles pictures of Kiyosu Castle and Komakiyama Castle:
There's a "castle princess" that depicts Honnoji too..!
Shirohime sports also an intriguing collaboration with plastic model company Doyusha that used its characters to decorate the packages of some of its 1/700 scale models of Japanese castles.

Shiro Project and Shirohime is not the only game featuring personifications of castles.
Another example is Otogi: Secret Spirit Agent (陰陽おとぎソール), where pretty much everything hides a spiritual pretty girl, from historical personalities to legendary items of sort, in a pure shinto fashion-- So castles are included too.
Azuchi Castle is one of the items available, falling into the category of the "Jewels". It has a penchant for fashion and is quite the fiery mascotte!
On the right you can spot her portrayal.

As usual, I don't know how to take such things. As long as they provide innocent entertainment and fuel curiosity I guess that they are fine, the designs are indeed charming, too... But personally I tend to be kinda wary towards this wild mercification of everything...
What are your opinions on the subject?!

Shiro Project RE: (Japanese), Wiki (English)
Shirohime Quest (Japanese), Wiki (English)
Otogi (Japanese), Wiki (English)

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