Tuesday, 26 December 2017

Nobunaga 450 Digest ( 六 )

And here we are-- The closing event of the celebrations for the 450th Anniversary of Gifu city was on December 22, meaning that the party is over...Or maybe not.
Today's "cover" features a rare picture of the lanterns used during the Koyomi no Yobune and featuring the anniversary that we followed during this year! The picture comes from the Twitter account of one of the artists who worked on it.

Since we already talked about the first events of Winter on a previous post, this one will be unexpectedly short.
I hope that you will enjoy it anyway!

Let's start for the closing event of the Nobunaga-ko Gallery, the main attraction of the celebrations, dedicated to the figure of Nobunaga and the city of Gifu, with a soft spot for the Nobunaga residence, brought to life with CG and 3D technologies.

It was on December 17, and after 143 days of activity and more than 150.000 visitors one may say that it was a really successful promotion for the city.
The closing event was celebrated by the staff of the gallery, and it featured the performaces of PR ensemble Nobu-sama, Yukko and Gifu Omotenashi Shuudan Kyouen-tai.

Next, on December 22 the traditional Koyomi no Yobune, where boats decorated with lanterns cross the Nagarekawa river to suggest the floating of months.
I found all these pictures on the blog of Yukko, which was a precious source of informations.

Usually the parade is opened by the Chinese zodiac sign of the current year, but this time they picked the "450" symbol instead.
The event was concluded by fireworks and the special "from 450 to 500" installation. LOL, I'll make sure to live long enough to see that, too (but don't expect another blog report marathon, eheh)!

And this pretty much concluded our seasonal tour of Gifu's celebration!
I leave you with this picture of Dousan to wish you nice holidays and a happy new year! For Uesama Dango, it'll be another year under the sign of Nobunaga anyway!

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