Sunday, 24 December 2017

The JR Azuchi Station gets a renewal in Nobunaga style!

On November 19 the JR Azuchi Station finally completed its renewal works.
The event was celebrated by the PR groups of Azuchi, including the freshly enstablished Nobunaga-tai, and the local authorities with a opening ceremony.

Pictures coming from this and this Twitter accounts.

The station now features a touristic office on the first floor, plus escalators, elevators and toilets. Still no coin lockers, though!
Its most defining feature is the octagonal tower at the North Exit, inspired by the architecture of the Nobunaga no Yakata museum, where it's possible to see a reconstruction of the Azuchi Castle's tenshu.


  1. It was under construction when I was there. It makes the whole thing feel so sad XD

    It was winter, I don't know where/how to rent a bike, so all I got to see is the Yakata and the smaller museum near the station.

    I really wanted to see the ruins :(

    1. Same here, when I went back during my last trip to attend the Nobunaga Matsuri it was closed and the usual parade changed course T^T I really wanted to take a picture of Nobu and his statue together T^T It was on June.

      The bike rental was exactly in front of the station :o It was recognizable by the bikes outside the shop XD Or maybe it's closed during winter, dunno... I went there on October.

      Nooooo, the ruins are quite close to the museum area!!! You had to head towards the mountain, after all the rice paddies-- The entrance is right there at the bottom D: What a pity!

  2. Do the bike shop people speak English? I can read a bit Japanese, but I am very bad at speaking :(

    1. No, they didn't... Actually, I was there with a friend who spoke Japanese, so she just "overwrote" me and took care of the thing herself XD
      You were required to fill a form with your infos and such, all in Japanese, and also the prices were a bit tricky: since we took longer than anticipated we had to pay an extra :/

    2. Anyway, here's the report of the place when I first visited.
      Now the road is pretty much covered by the new station.
      On the second pic, in front of you, you can see the "RentaCycle" sign in red. That's the shop!

    3. Oh darn, I would be in trouble then, even if I can find the shop XD

      I hope there will be some guides/help in the new station.

    4. Well, that ground floor there hosts the touristical office :D It's definitely going to go well :)

  3. I plan on visiting Azuchi this month, but is there any place where can I leave my luggage whilst on my visit?