Tuesday, 20 February 2018

New Nobunaga 1/6 figure by COOMODEL!

So, I was walking my otaku spots in Hong Kong when I spotted this:
And I got to learn that COOMODEL was accepting pre-orders on a new Nobunaga figure!

After the release by ACI Toys based on the artworks of Hiroyuki Suwahara, fellow Hong Kong manufacturer jumped on the bandwagon, but opted for a more historically accurate rendition of our favourite warlord:

The figure, as usual, includes a "Standard" and an "Exclusive" version; this last one includes a special stage and extra accessories to display the figure in a musho ningyo fashion.

On top of it, extra accessories to display the figure are on pre-order too; they include the horse of Nobunaga (here christened as "Rennsennasige") and the "Dragon Rock of Okehazama":
The pre-orders stop on February 28, and the figure is supposed to be released on the 3rd quarter of 2018, so between July and October.

I'm still waiting for the ACI Toys release right now (apparently the release got slated on March 2018... Mah!) but I'm up to cast a pre-order here too, 'cause the figure looks amazing even if it's expensive LIKE HELL (Thank God I'm a working adult!)...
I'll keep you guys updated!


  1. Wow This is by far most realistic and badass nobunaga figure i have ever seen . I hope you share some pics when you got it

    1. Absolutely!
      Meanwhile, I'm still waiting for the release of the Nobunaga by ACI Toys x'D So don't expect it on a short term XD