Sunday, 25 February 2018

Suddenly, a Nobunaga in C3 AFA in Hong Kong!

Let's stay in Hong Hong but this time let's move to the C3 AFA in Hong Kong event when, suddenly, I noticed that the booth of Manga Shop (pretty much a "sister shop" of the Japanese Animate in Hong Kong) was decorated by artworks signed by Hiroyuki Suwahara featuring our favourite warlord!

The reference is yet another figure, the Nobunaga by ACI Toys that I mentioned (and I preordered) years ago, by now... So I got closer to indagate.

The booth offered lots of original Japanese merchandise (as the guy taking care of the "Sengoku Spot" mentioned over and over --I know that, pal!), a true feast for the eyes: poaches, watches, all kind of bags and mini-bags, t-shirts..!

It was a feast for the eyes, but a pain for the wallet, so I took pictures and passed over.
Yet, it was a true joy for the eyes being entertained by so many Nobu accessories in such an unexpected spot!

Also, the stand featured the new Sengoku figure by ACI Toys, dedicated to Takeda Shingen:
It was mentioned also my Nobunaga figure, which release is expected around March/April this year... Let's wait and see...


  1. So many cool stuff! Are you in hongkong right now or is there a Hongkong seller doing exhibition in your place?

    1. I was in Hong Kong during C3 AFA in Hong Kong 2017 :) It's a convention that sponsors Japanese pop-culture around Asia and where you can find official merchandise or officially licensed merchandise of all kind. The booth was there :)