Sunday, 6 May 2018

The Nobunaga of Kiyoshi Kimata

So, recently I resumed my interest for Japanese children books, and I started to collect some old illustrated books dedicated to Nobunaga.

Among my first purchases was the 42nd volume of Hinotori Denki Bunko (火の鳥伝記文庫) series by Kodansha dated 1983, which is dedicated to Nobunaga.

The text, a novelization of Nobunaga's life, is composed by Shunpei Suzuki, while Kiyoshi Kimata took care of the illustrations inside the booklet.
A master of inking, his style is quite charming and I fell completely in love with his simple, elegant artworks.
I'm sharing some of them in this post, then!

Hirate Masahide tries to calm his young lord in front of his father.

Nobunaga enjoying his wild ways in Nagoya!

Nobunaga and a young Ieyasu.

The infamous scene at Nobuhide's funeral.

The first battles for succession among the clan.

Conquering Kiyosu.

The battle of Okehazama! Mori Shinsuke and Hattori Koheita face Imagawa Yoshimoto!

Nobunaga meets Saito Dosan.

The battle of Anegawa shows Nobunaga against his brother-in-law, Azai Nagamasa.

Nobunaga invites Ieyasu to the newly completed Azuchi castle.

The Honnoji incident that marks the premature death of Nobunaga.

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